So about that pizza?

I still am having a hard time believing this myself, but I STILL have not had that damn pizza!! It was the thing I was craving throughout the entire P2, and I have not had the desire to eat it since I have been on P3 yet! I REALLY should be starting R2 any day now, but I am still losing weight (down 60lbs now) and am enjoying this so much that I have not mixed the new batch yet.

I cannot believe how much this protocol has changed the way I feel/think about and treat food. It’s been some of the most stressful days of my LIFE recently and I have not turned to food the way I normally would have to soothe myself. Something I am having a really hard time believing….but I will NOT complain that is for sure!! I am completely enjoying this healthy relationship (as my MARRIAGE takes a shit,……

More as I am able.


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