I am such a loser!

And in this case, it’s a VERY GOOD THING 🙂 I am losing weight like crazy, and it feels good!! I lost another 1.4# as of today 🙂 that is AWESOME in ONE DAY and especially awesome since I lost 1.8# yesterday!

I am not sure if I am going to continue to weigh myself each day. I KNOW my weight will fluctuate, and I know that if I see it I will get discouraged on those days and be tempted to cheat because “I am already up anyway”, so I am tempted to weigh once a week….In fact, I am almost positive I am going to do that. If anyone has any reasons why I shoudn’t do that, please let me know. I don’t plan to deviate the diet AT ALL, so adding new things won’t be anything I have to watch the scale for – so I can’t see there being a problem!

The diet part is getting far better. I am hardly ever hungry – but I feel my blood sugar drop and when that happens I have to eat or I get pretty sick. But as far as hunger is concerned, it’s pretty good!

And I LOVE feeling better, too – It’s awesome! (unfortunately, the pain has not improved at all yet, it didn’t when I lost the 100 or so pounds when I was DX’d with Diabetes either…I HATE that part!! Everyone always says, lose weight, your pain will get better. Yeah, bullshit on them, it’s NOT true!)

I just pray I can keep this up until I am finished with all I want to lose this time. I think if I can keep the stress under control, it should be ok. And the breaks are what will make it “do-able”! I LOVE Atkins, and that is basically what I will have to stick to in between my VLCD rounds, so it should be cool! Just have to figure my calories to see how much I need to eat each day so I don’t end up gaining there…With adding cheese and things, it’s easy to over do it for sure, especially for a cheese and FAT lover like me 🙂

That’s it for now. Hope you’re all doing well, too!!


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