It’s going SO WELL!

Wow, such a difference from a few days ago!

I am feeling far better than I was on Monday (THANK GOD!). I honestly thought I was going to have to cheat more than I did (and I that I did was have coffee (which IS allowed) but I put some Xylotol in it, which I am not sure about) but I have to say again, without the cream, it was BAD BAD BAD!!! I don’t think it did anything to help my hunger, either!

Since I missed yesterday, and don’t want to forget anything, I am going to post my meal here….I had sauteed cabbage and steak for lunch and cucumber and steak for dinner. I also had three large strawberries (but I AM going to cut out the friut, too, as soon as it’s gone…I am NOT in ketosis yet, and I know it’s from the fruit…I am EXTREMELY sensitive to carbs in fruits…I already knew that from my years on Atkins so the grissisi or melba toasts are out too, since I am even more sensitive to FLOUR….that stuff is poision to me and not only kicks me out of ketosis, but makes me crave sugar, too)…

I have already lost 1.5″ in my waist, which I find absolutely AMAZING for four days into a “diet” This is absolutely THE thing for anyone that has struggled their whole life with their weight, as I have. I am convinced of it. I don’t know how much weight I have lost, but the inches are awesome!

I have not eaten yet today – but I will update this post when I’ve decided what I am going to do for meals. I am really not hungry at all – but my blood sugar is low, so it’s almost time for a little something.

If you’d like to see more about what Protocol I am following, please see my My Journey Page where you can read a bit about this plan, and there are also sources listed there for both the hCG and the some Low Carb foods you will need for the Phase 2 part (and forever, IMHO!)

More later!


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